Eric Locsh is a copywriter and first-time author from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. When he was in college, he thought his true calling was in accounting, but he quickly realized that writing made him happier than anything else. When he isn’t writing, he’s traveling, looking for new places to inspire his next creative endeavor. In his travels, he’s learned that the world can be a crazy and complex place. It’s this understanding that fuels his passion to create strange worlds underscored with meaningful truths.

Eric takes a more traditional approach to writing and prefers a slow and steady pace. His first book was written entirely by hand before being transferred to a computer. Eric believes writing by hand allows for greater reflection, as mistakes and old thoughts can always be referenced, preventing him from repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Great storytelling comes from personal experiences, but amazing storytelling comes from taking those experiences and blending them together with a healthy dose of crazy. We all need to be a little crazy to believe in something fictional.